Wednesday, July 4, 2012

David Chevrier...A man who helped inspire me, to be me

The community I chose to be a part of and raise my family in
Wellington Ave UCC
A home where Michael grew up in as well as our children
Our beloved David Chevrier or also known as Rev. Chev
is not doing so well and will most likely not be with us much longer.
 Here are a few photos of our silliness together

 Eloise, Me, Mike, David
Hannah, Abby & Conner

 I will leave for VT on Friday to be with Suzanne, Davids daughter and a best friend of mine
David always ended the service with this



Anke Martin said...

Lisa, sorry to hear this. Loosing inspiring individuals in your life is a tough challenge. And sometimes all is left is being grateful you had this amazing change to be inpsired by this special individual.

Smiles and hugs your way, Anke :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, the laughing was such a part of life with David and Eloise, I love these pictures.

Thank you for sharing.


Lisa D. said...

Thank you Anke.

Pat, I'll keep you posted as best I can while I'm.

Ophelia said...

Oh Lisa... I am so sorry to hear of this...

byzantiney said...

Dear Lisa,

It is beautiful to see this first as I googled our David.

When Jim Dore called me, the sun had just been coming up.

It is so spiritual that David would go to heaven at the break of day on a Sunday morning.

So glad you are there with Suzanne. You are truly a friend of the heart.



Anonymous said...

Lisa, Saw this in Googling "Rev Chev" as we young folks in SR used to call him. Great pictures -no need for a soundtrack- his laugh was unique, unforgettable, and like everything else about him, heartfelt and free of malice or ridicule. I will be there for the service as well.
Marshall Moore