Monday, July 16, 2012

Todays post

Here is one of the canvases I've been working on while taking Floras class 

 Yesterday I decided to go back to my comfort area and put one of my flowers on top of this busy background.
We'll see what today brings it.
 My friend April was in VT this weekend for Davids service and sent me a few photos of the bulletin 

 You are already greatly missed David Chevrier


paula said...

oh...i think it looked good and i wish you would have had the courage to be out of your comfort zone!!!!

Lisa D. said...

I'll leave it again. I think I'm just feeling like I have to make paintings for my next art fair. Then I'll be done with big commitments and will feel freer to just let loose : ) I do have a commission coming up, but thats ok, I adore the people I'll be doing it for.

Hope you're doing well, Paula : )

paula said...

well you do what you do well :) i get it about feeling uncomfortable with new!