Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May is here already!

The house has been a bit turned upside down these last few weeks and I'm sure it will be another few weeks before we have settled some and then summer travelers will soon be arriving I'm sure. 
I have 5 more weeks before my first summer fair!
Every day by 8 am, I am in here ready to paint, unfortunately, I'm not always ready to paint.

 This is a way crazy background
 Usual daily garb...overalls and my scarf
 My Mr. Pe Joe is starting to grey around his eyes...old man Joe we've been calling him
 Another angle from the art room

 Mike finished painting the dining room...bye bye yellow stripes!
 Love when my tools look like this
 I finally finished the painting on the left and it is now hanging in the dining room for a few weeks
 The boys napping
 I decided to put a huge flower on this crazy canvas
I'll be back at it in the morning

Lisa D.


Anke Martin said...

HI Lisa. OH crazy wild creativity! I love it!!! :))))) Yes 'being-creative-on-schedule' is hard sometimes....but I am sure you will find a way. Smiles, Anke :)

Diane said...

Love it all, and I can relate--my first show is not until mid July, but after that--it's crazy time--I'm trying to be ready...but I don't know...sometimes I get sidetracked..

Lisa D. said...

I took inventory of most of my paintings to see how much I may still need and what sizes, that put my mind at ease...some what.

I'm off to shower, then work on this huge flower!

Thanks Anke & Diane

paula said...

all looking great! keep painting woman

Lisa D. said...

Thanks Paula! I'm keeping at it. I'm home alone all day, so hopefully little interruption.