Saturday, April 28, 2012


This August we will have been living out here in the burbs of Chicago for 13 years!
When we bought the house, the house was all white!
but let me remind you, I wasn't an artist yet :  ) 

When I decided I wanted stripes in the dining room, I should have known something was stirring on the art side of my brain

 So here we are now at least 10 years into these yellow stripes and its time for a change
I know these stripes will be missed by many. 
The dining room is the room you walk through before entering the art room
the dining room is a room of many gatherings and photo shootings.
Mr. Pe Joe with Ms. Coco 
 While clearing out the dining room I found one of my many art blocks that I have collected throughout my early art entering. 
I remember this painting being for sale on Ebay by one of my all time favorite artists and wanting it so badly and finally winning it.
Made me feel all warm inside :  )  I sure could use a new little art from my purple potato lady friend.
Have a great weekend. Besides helping Mike with dining room stuff, I plan on starting to cover me new stretched canvases I got yesterday.

Enjoy the day!
Lisa D.


priti.lisa said...

Hi Lisa, Just wanted to tell you...
you are fabulous! In every way♥♥♥

Lisa D. said...

Oh Ms. Priti Lisa : ) I think you too are pretty fabulous!

Anke Martin said...

HI Lisa, sounds like a lot of work but after some time, new has to enter a decorating the white walls with your colorful art, I bet it looks amazing!

Smiles, Anke :)

Ophelia said...

Oh... I totally understand.... Change is always great... a ton of work, exhausting, but so very worth it!!!

Art by Wiley said...

Looking forward to seeing your changes. Nothing like a blank canvas ;)

Gaby Bee said...

Can't wait to see all your changes :)
Wishing you a wonderful, art-filled week!

Gaby xo