Saturday, January 21, 2012

A short film of a few art books

 Here are a few I listed today on Etsy


Anke Martin said...

Ahhhh those are soooooo beautiful.....I love all those extra openings, hiding spots.....that will be a hard decision to make! But I will make one, smiles, Anke :)

Lisa D. said...

: ) Oh Anke You made my day

I plan on list a few more this weekend.

Enjoy your evening

priti.lisa said...

You do make the best books, Lisa.
I have been thinking about how much my art has changed in the last year...I feel it is better, but then there are new people who seem drawn to my older art. I think I am just ahead of the PA folk...unless I am getting worse, which I refuse to believe!

paula said...

you did it!!!! :)

Lisa D. said...

I just keep making art...if it sells great, wonderful! If not, then I'll just hold onto it. This summer I sold 3 old pieces, felt strange to finally let them go.

I did it Paula! Took me the whole flippen day!
Glad I finally did it, now maybe I'll put some paintings up there next : )

Jenny said...

So beautiful! I just love them and want to touch them. Very inspiring!

Lisa D. said...

Glad to hear about touching them, Jenny...I had a commission late last yr for an art journal and the person who received it kept talking about how she loved to touch each page : ) Love that!