Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I am tone deaf & depth blind

 Sometimes things don't dawn on me, for example...I thought a gappers delay was a spot in town where there was always delays. Duhhh I find this happens to me every so often. Well here I find myself in a similar situation...

For nine years I've been trying to paint portraits, portraits I feel good about and have always struggled with the shading part, tones and such. I've probably taken six on line classes and studied numerous books. January 9th I started a 5 day 5 week course with Misty Mawn, which I was way excited about. The idea of changing my color pallet a bit, seeing how she shaded and toned her portraits. Three weeks into the class I find myself frozen, my hand and wrist just can't  seem to find the shadings and tones! AAAAAAHHhh So I run across a class with Pam Carriker called shades of grey and even though I'm in the middle of Misty Mawns class, I decided to sign up for it! I'm thinking for sure I'll be able to see it, the shades and such. I can see her doing it, but when I do it, there always hard lines. I'm not sure if it has to do with following rules? I have a very hard time following rules outside of the law at least. the rules make me feel tight in my arm and wrist.

Some portraits done over the years

The top center painting is a selfportrait from 2005

 Sometimes I can get a burst in me to do a portrait at the last minute before an event.
This was done 3 hours before Ell's birthday party, probably over five years ago.
 The morning after my return home from France I sat down and did her.
lol...I remember the feeling of excitement I felt from being in Paris and all its art.
 This was a large painting, in hopes that I would be able to see the depth and tones if it was larger scale
 When I do my Omo People, I don't feel like I need to add much shading.
 I think this one says it all!
I'm stressed and can't follow the shading rules!
 On this guy you can see my stress in his nose...but I love him so. 
He hangs in the kitchen...made from one of our kitchen cabinet boxes and that makes him the right size
 A little art block of Hannah & me 
Am I destined to paint flat? Will it ever dawn on me?

btw...I'm loving all that Misty Mawn is teaching! She is a really encouraging teacher.
I only watched the first 2 videos of Pam Carriker, but am enjoying immensely so far.

Enjoy your day
Lisa D.


Anke Martin said...

Hi Lisa, don't be so hard on yourself, you will find your way.....maybe loose up that wrist and play again before you tackle shading in a fun way, smiles, Anke :)
PS: Thanks for sharing your portraits, they all have so much expression that they don't really need much more shading ;)But I know how challenging yourself can feel, so one step at a time ;)

Lisa D. said...

Thanks Anke

I am a wound up type : ) Need to loosen up a bit.

Art by Wiley said...

I think your portraits are fabulous. I can't even draw a face! Will be interested to see how your online classes go.

Lisa D. said...

Thanks Wiley! Drawing isn't the problem, its that dang shading : )
I will keep you all posted on my classes.

Thanks for stopping by.