Friday, August 5, 2011

Did someone say August was here?


Costumes for Cal's video

This year 2011 has been one huge emotional ride for me and my family.
Mothers Day happened to fall on my Jake's death day, 12 years ago.
Loosing my brother in law to cancer.
I have had art commitments and have felt pushed at times to create, when all I wanted to do was mourn.
I paint from within and my from within is usually about Mike and the kids, regular life issues with a special needs kid.

Now I'm full of emotions for Jake and for Dan also.
Today Dan would have been 44
His children are here with us.
The girls and I went to the bakery to buy Dad a birthday cake.
Char & Cal said Dad loved chocolate, so we got a chocolate cake with chocolate inside and chocolate frosting. L0L...we'll go to the park and have it there, so Dan can look down and see his children playing on his day. Cal told me he had a dream that indicated to him that daddy was comfortable living in what seems to be a cafeteria and he can eat all he wants all day long!
I love these two kids

So here I am letting you know my life has been consumed with emotion and love and art
I made several art journals before the children arrived and when I get my chances, I'll go work a bit on them.
Next week we will be back in GA and able to see all the lovely people that Dan introduced us to and we will once again celebrate Dans life, this time among hundreds of people that he touched in one way or another.
When we return, I will have 5 days to prepare for my VERY first art festival   :  )
I hope I have enough to cover the two tables I'm renting.
I will post the info for the festival, just in case you're in town that weekend.

Hugs to you all
Lisa D.



Anke Martin said...

Lisa, that is a very emotional never know what life is giving you.
Lot's of hugs and smiles your way, Anke ;)

Mary said...

May you experience God's peace in abundance as you walk through all you have to do these next few weeks.


Lisa D. said...

Thats so right, Anke You never know what life will bring your way, so appreciate every day and do your best to live it to its fullest!

Thank you, Mary

I appreciate both of you and your often kind words.

We are off to Lincoln Park Zoo today.

Dawn @ alteredartists said...

oh my gosh that post brought tears to my eyes, much love and prayers to you and your whole entire family.

Parabolic Muse said...

I am loving catching up. Your photos are wonderful.
And, the mourning never seems to go away...