Saturday, August 6, 2011

Come see me Saturday or Sunday August 20 & 21 noon to 9 pm

I will be here all day Saturday and Sunday August 20 & 21

Come see me if you can
Noon to 9pm
I plan on having several paintings, handmade art journals, who knows what I might come up with.

I appreciate all the support all of you have given me  :  )
Allowed me to feel brave enough to "go" out there and show my stuff!   :  )  
Big hugs everybody    
 Come see me on August 20 or 21 and give me a real hug.

I have several large pieces hanging right now at The Glenwood can join me there September 1st from 5 to 8 pm


priti.lisa said...

Have a safe trip, Lisa. And then enjoy your Art Fest.
All paths lead somewhere for a reason we may not see at first, but with faith and time it will all make perfect sense.

Nathan Huber said...

Hi Lisa. FYI - It's also the weekend of the Air and Water Show at the Lakefront. Be prepared for scary fighter jets. I'll bring earplugs and megaphones !! I hope it goes well and that you gain exposure to art collectors and sell some of your work. You are a personal hero of mine.

All the Best,
Nathan Huber

Lisa D. said...

Thanks, Lisa D. Loved your blog post the other day : ) I'm looking forward to having more blog time soon.

Oh Nathan Huber : )

Well I think you're a pretty good guy.