Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I always have such a hard time with titles

   Some new art blocks
I love how you can take some wood and make a little piece of art out of it.
I'll be posting a few on Etsy later today.
"Working" has taken my art journaling time away! 
I did manage to sew in a few things though.
This Creed image is from a calendar Zack gave me instead of putting it in the recycle bin when the year was over. I decided to use it for the envelopes for the round robin.

Aren't they great!  .
While moving things around in the art room this weekend I came across this 5x7 painting. 
Eleanor painted this for Chunk last September. She wanted it hung near the floor for him to enjoy. LoL!
Have a great day today!

Lisa D.


purplecat said...

love your blocks :)

Ophelia said...

You are really arting it up!!! I love it!

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

I love your wooden blocks. The one I'm eyeballing isn't up on Etsy just yet but I will check back. Keep rolling it out - you rock!