Friday, January 28, 2011

Mikes almost home!

As I'm preparing the house for Mikes arrival I find myself being very domestic.       

The hart to your left is one of my many valentines :  )  The one with L&M on it, Mike made for me last year. 

I decided to make a paper bag art gift bag. 

Here I sewed a few images on

 Here I sewed it all together and made it into a sweet little gift bag.

A few cards and some harts

I spent Thursday cleaning the art room. It really needed it. When I'm arting, I don't think about mess...I think about moving and creating as quickly as it is coming to me. 
The photo above is one of my girls we call EL she'll be 9 soon and has been doing art here at Auntie Lisa's all her life :  ) She is about 3/4 of the way through her journal, she started in 2008.

You have to step down a few steps to get into the studio
This is a view from sitting on those steps.
I think the bottom shelf needs some hauling out! What a fricken mess!
When I don't know what to do with something...I push it under there, have been, prolly for about five yrs maybe :  )

Here are a few Valentines from other artists 
Here is my purple potatoe valentine
Bottom center
The cabinet card on the left is one from Dawn :  )  I love the fish he is holding as well as the paintbrush in  
her hand. The one on the right is an art block I made using artchix clip art. So fun! 

 Mike is in the air right now on his way back to me. During the last 12 days I have watched Cold Mountain 10 times. I love a good story about a real true passionate kind of love. Nicole Kidman repeats to Edman in a letter come back to me. Ok so before I get all mooshy about my man Mike.
Subconsciously I started a sewing project and after sewing enough body parts to make 6 dolls, I realized. Sewing on a machine reminded me of the feeling I had when I was a kid and would bite my nails. 
 I will continue making my body parts and wait for Mr. D. to call and let me know he is in San Fransisco and when he might be at Ohare.


Happy Friday


Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

It sure looks like you've kept yourself busy! I still have some small scraps from when you sent me some of your paper bag painted papers. They've made it into many of my works since I received them. Love them!

Lisa said...

Great to see you here Jennifer...sure has been awhile!

Hope your silly dog has matured some : )

The Juggler said...

Cool stuff Lisa, look forward to the dolls, oh and don't we all have too many of those "shove it in there places" and isn't it funny how much will actually go in!

Have a GREAT weekend ;-)

Lisa said...

Juggler! Great to see you! this must be the blog of friends past : )

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

How very sweet of your hubby to make you a valentine last year and I love how you made yours into a gift bag. Very creative.

Lee Ann

Anke Martin said...

HI Lisa. Full of energy! I love all your creative 'wonders' you did and showed. I hope you had a great time having your husband back. Valentin......well that is soon right? I better get in gear. Thanks for reminding me ;)

Smiles, Anke ;)

Lisa said...

Lee Ann, thanks for stopping by : ) That Mike he is a sweety for sure!

Anke, I am full of energy right now...I'm glad you saw it : )
Very nice to have Mike back...12 days is a long time.

Happy arting to you all.