Monday, January 24, 2011

incomplete walls, sleepy cats and the winter market

This wall has become "the incomplete" wall.
A place for the paintings to rest until their final destination.
 Chunk says all this art stuff makes him sleepy.
 I'm continuing to make/work on my valentines for

Mike has been gone for over a week now and I'm missing him dearly.
Makes it a bit easier to make these love cards, while I'm thinking of him.

Happy Day to you all

Lisa D.


Poetic Artist said...

That sounds like a good title for a book..Your cat Looks so much like my cat Henry..

priti.lisa said...

Busy Lisa D.
Do you know what I found when I was puttering, poking and shifting through my mess of an art room?
Your surprise of a Christmas gift, SURPRISE!!!! I never mailed it.
would you like it as a valentine?
I am mortified. Truely.

Lisa said...

Katelen, that would be pretty funny book title : ) I'll have to think about the story that would follow.

Lisa D.! Send me anything you like and we can call it a friendship gift : )

I may spend today cleaning the studio.

Have a great day!

Anke Martin said...

Happy Day to you too, Lisa! Hope the time goes fast till your husband comes home! And enjoy spending time in the Studio. I really like your 'resting wall'. Great idea!
Smiles, Anke ;)

Chris said...

Wait! Where is he? It's almost time for candy and cards!! And dinner out! And a new car and a new pair of shoes, and a trip to Europe!!

Okay, a card...

Lisa said...

Oh Chris, you crack me up! Mike is in Hawaii with the new company : )
Two more days and he will be back home to us : )

Elena said...

I just love these peeks into your studio and wish I were closer to come out and play. You know, it never occurred to me Mike is WORKING! CONGRATS!!! And love the cat but your dogs are oh so cool!