Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A day at our house

This is one of my favorite corners in my house :  ) 
Two of my favorite paintings high up on the wall.
Then, a small amount of my large collection of art blocks that I started collecting when I was first  introduced to art (7yrs ago) as a way of self teaching myself to become a painter. I own over 40 paintings from my dear Purple potatoe lady friend in Canada! over 40! lol I am a nut when I'm moved by something. I have several of Danita's pieces, Tasha's, Wendy Ryan, Priti Lisa, Dan from Spain and some of my own all in this little corner :  )  It makes me smile when I look over there.

 Today I had my girl Eleanor over, here she is when I painted here 5 years ago!
I love to see the progress of doing art every day of my life for at least 5 to 9 hours a day.
I have gotten better at so many things and I am proud.
and thinking about it, you all have really helped along the way. Thank you
I have been having trouble with photographing what I've been making...sorry...I want to show you all, I just rather be doing art then trying to photograph things.
Michael is still without work, but I have to tell you like I told my Mother in law...our marriage has never been better. Funny how things work sometimes.
I am proud of Mike for going to all these interviews and daily keeping up with looking and finding a company to work for. I've always banned him from reading my blog, because of my punctuations and grammer :  ) Maybe I'll forward him this one.
Zackery will be home tonight...he turned 21 in September
I may have liked him better at 4 :  )
Happy Thanksgiving everyone
Lisa D.


Outstanding Stranger said...

Happy Thanksgiving Lisa. I hope your Dear Husband is blessed with a job soon. I am glad to hear the hardships have brought you closer.i love you special wall of all your favorite art. Love and Hugs, Diane

Diane said...

Lisa, this corner of art is so cool!--and I'm so happy for you--you're taking things that could be negative and turning them into the positive.
Have fun at your fair and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Anke Martin said...

HI Lisa! No wonder it's your favorite corner!!!!! Enjoy walking by/looking at it every time!
I finally found some time to check what's going on in the blogger world, since my kids were basically sick the whole week one or another and I wasn't feeling good either thursday, my energy to do more then necessary was low. Oh well, hard times will pass. I did actually some art last week though! I haven't posted yet, since it's not finished but when it is I will post photos.
Concerning your photos, I don't mind if they are not perfect.....so don't worry about it !
I hope your husband finds soon a job! As Diane said it, it's a gift to make out of a hard, kind of negative situation a positive one and make the best out of it! Keep your spirits up like that!!!!
Lot's of smiles, and hugs your way, Anke ;)