Saturday, November 20, 2010

International Overalls Day 2010

Chunk is here to wish everyone a Happy Overalls Day
I love always having a place for my phone :  )

Here is one of two stacks. 
I've got quite the collection after all these years.

 The sexy side of overalls

Lisa D.


priti.lisa said...

I think, overall, you are Super Sexy.
Sorry, sometimes my dad takes over my thoughts...he was the Pun King!

niels said...

Hi Lisa, yes, it was again a fantastic experience to see how many people were participating, one time it could be fun to meet in person ! in our old well worn overalls, the best of them !:)

Lisa said...

Lisa & Niels, Thanks for stopping by in celebration of Overalls!

I would love to meet you Niels with my best pair on!

Parabolic Muse said...

This makes me HAPPY. I love your stack of overalls! If I could rock them the way you do, I would have them, too.