Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Mr. Ellis great pose
Silly bird
Char and Aunt Lisa being mean

My sweet niece

Three of my Dalke men

Zack played & Jill sang...what a lovely treat.
Hannah & I
at the zoo As always Hannah & John have gone with the same color scheme
I hope you have enjoyed the update. Now I must paint and maybe journal some.
Have a great day
Lisa D.


Mary said...

Loved seeing all the photos. It's good to be with family!

I read that book! Very thought provoking.

Diane said...

GREAT pics--my favorite is the kangaroo one :)

Elena said...

Oh you've been busy! Great family moments & glad you found a good book. But I really love the painting and the hands look fantastic. So symbolic!

Anke Martin said...

Hi Lisa, I for sure can say the same for your family! Wonderful photos of you loved ones!
Thanks for sharing them. Hope you had a great time in the Studio!
Smiles, Anke ;)

lee said...

Just caught up on all your news, sounds like the family has alot of good times

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures, Lisa. It's great to watch people who care about each other, having fun!

priti.lisa said...

So that's what a happy family having fun looks like...always wondered. Great pics :

PS: I did thank you for the email, didn't I? I hope I did. It was a keeper. I will read it whenever I feel like quitting. Thanks Lovey!