Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today's giveaway

Here are the books I promisedToday's book
I was thinking...Hmmm...ok...are there like rules to this? lol I spend my life teaching others to live with less rules, so this intimidated me : )
The chances to win this book will end tomorrow around this time.

Good Luck and I'll see ya then.


Lisa said...

WoW...nobody must want this book.

Elena said...

Hee hee! Me me of course I want the book! I actually signed up for a collage class last minute so I was busy and almost missed this!

Angela Recada said...

It's so generous of you to be giving away these books!
I was here earlier, but didn't comment because I've looked through this book so many times, I think I've memorized it already.

Lisa said...

Maybe I should have given you all some may have had a better turn out. Next time I will : )

Elena, Thanks for entering my contest. I will bring your book with me on Monday : )

Lisa said...

LOL Angela, maybe thats many have it already? I don't know...but I will do another book next week.

Elena said...

Figures I'd be the only one w/out it! YAY!!! I won I won! Hee hee see you Monday.

Hilly said...

Im an airhead..I thought it read COLLEGE. I was like....I dont need tht kinda book LOL.