Monday, March 1, 2010

Little update on the happenings in the art room

A few months back I came across an invitation to enter a chili cook off. Well you have to know I don't cook! BUT... Mike is an excellent cook and prepares outstanding meals at least four nights a week for us. This winter he started making chili for us on Sundays and we all really loved it! So when this invite came, I thought what the heck...why not enter.Well here I am with the winner of the chili cook off : )
He now is automatically entered into the BIG Chicago chili cook off in August.
A little corner of the art table.
During this "remodeling" of the art room, I've been taking photos and will post a tour of the art room this week.

In the last few weeks of me putting me out there along with my art has been going pretty well. I haven't sold anything for much more then $20. but I'm out there and will continue to be. I do believe it takes a certain kind of person to like my art and I know they are out there : ) In the 6 sales I've made, only 2 were people that actually knew me : ) What a great feeling to have strangers want my art : )

These two paintings I did late last week after watching a video done by Alisa Burke.
This time of year always gets me thinking of my boy Jake. This year Jake would have been 11. While I was doing these paintings I was thinking of him and how in some way, time does heal. Each year I mourn for him and each year it's different.

Here are two mannequins I had been working on, but decided trying to box and mail them was way to much for me at this time.
Some time this year I will be doing a show and will bring them with me for that.
I've been painting since 2004 and have only been encouraged to follow what felt right with no pressure to sell. Well now that I'm trying to sell, I can see how this is going to be effecting my work and I'm actually feeling kind of excited about it : )
I want to thank you all who continue to follow my progress and leave me inspiring comments.
I decided it was time to have a give away, but couldn't decide what to give away, since the art I've been making I need to sell...well after reorganizing the art room I came across four books and a "Where Women Create" magazine that I will be giving away.
Have a good day and keep your eye out for the give away.
Always smiling
: )

Lisa D.


Mary said...

Hi Lisa, I did not know you lost a son. I am so sorry. I know time eases the intense and roller coaster feelings of pain, but I also know it is still there. I don't think one ever "gets over" the loss of a child.

I am glad you are having success in selling. I keep thinking I should open an etsy site - I keep putting it off. I can't tell if it is just laziness in beginning or partly fear as to whether it will sell. Probably both!

Congrats to the chili winner!!!!

Chris said...

YOU are so GOOD! Not only is your art really appealing, but you are braving putting it out there! It doesn't matter how much you sell or who buys it, the point is, you're doing it! I love those mannequins.

Congrats, Lisa!

Elena said...

Lisa, I am so so sorry about your son. I see what my mom goes through each year after my brother passed.

And oh my goodness I love these photos. The artwork is amazing and the mannequins so COOL!

AND CONGRATS!!! to the Chili King!

lee said...

hey I did not know you lost a son either, so sorry.
Who would not want your work, it brillant, its colourful its full of life.

Anke Martin said...

Hi Lisa, congratulations to the Chili Contest Winner!!!!! Hope he wins in the summer again!
It takes courage to sell art and patience too. But like you said, there will be somebody out there who wants your art!!!! My fingers are crossed for you and remember when you have one of those weak times an you question everything, don't give will pass and you will be on your path again.
Smiles, Anke ;)

Angela Recada said...

Congratulations to Mike on his big win! And to you for starting to sell your work! It is so wonderful to see how you and your work continue to evolve.

My heart goes out to you for your loss. . .

Hugs and love,