Monday, February 15, 2010

Todays post

Hannah made me a sweet valentine of balloons.
Mike went into the art room and found things to make his card to me : )
Funny to see the things he picked from the table to use.
Hope your Valentines was a good one
We saw the movie Valentines Day yesterday
Fun movie
Lisa D.
I'll be back later with today's ebay far so good!
Thanks everyone for your encouragement.


Chris said...

Oh, you lucky mom! I'm so glad you had a good Valentine's day! You deserve it. You do so much. OUrs was good. I got a lovely card and a great meal. And I was a pleasure to be around, of course, which is a gift to everyone!


off to read more of your postings. I have been so busy I'm far behind on my favorite bloggers...

Pat Dalke said...

GOOD JOB, HANNAH! Balloons always make me smile. Mike: I think we need to see more of your creative efforts, it's been far too long. Put aside your salesman's persona and let that creativity dazzle us, I know it's hiding behind that crushing work load.

We had a "SPECIAL" day...we were at the movie theatre by 10:00 AM and eagerly in our seats ready to watch "Percy Jackson and the Olympians - The Lighting Thief". Calvin, 10 years, has read all five Percy Jackson adventures, his critique after the movie: "the book is better" altho he admits to enjoying the movie too. Charlotte, Cal's 8 year old sister liked it!

I think what made us all happy was how well Dan was feeling and looking. Dan is sad when he looks in the mirror because he doesn't recognize the reflection staring back at him...but his dad, the kids and I all thought he was looking handsome under his "Fishy, Fishy" baseball cap.

We topped off the morning by going to "Steak & Shake" for lunch. Dan had been given a gift card and wanted to treat the kids.

When we got back home Cal and Charlotte returned to making collages until their mom picked them up at 4:00 PM.

Some awesome friends of Dan's brought over a delicious Eggplant Parmesan for our supper...Ray and I are definitely spoiled with all these yummy homemade meals.

Dan and Ray got up very early this morning for chemo before 8:30, but when I checked in with them they were doing well...sleepy put well.

We've got Emily's homemade Tomato Basil soup full of chunky veggies for lunch. Emily graced me with her championship last Thursday in addition to the soup and wholegrain bread, salad and valentine cookies...

Ray and I could write a book on "Southern Hospitality"!!!!

Love you all and miss you, I love the pictures on the blog and your art work on ebay,


Angela Recada said...

How sweet! I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.

Elena said...

More creative souls in your household!

lee said...

Oh your valentines day sounds great. Great kids with their moms creativity I see. Good luck on ebay

Anke Martin said...

Oh this is so sweet! Makes a mum's heart beat faster.......smiles, Anke ;)