Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mr. Bandetto & a lttle art

Here are two wood blocks I posted on Ebay this morning
Little Mr. Oreo Bandetto napping amongst the scraps

I'm working on a few mannequins for Ebay.
While I work on pieces for Ebay I realize the art room has been such a focus for other artists to come and do art here, that I lost where I do my art. So today and all through the weekend I hope to reconfigure the art room a bit and make it a little more personal again.


The sun here is bright today
Hope your day is a good one


Dawn @ alteredartists said...

nice! Happy Valentines to you! Kisses X O X O

Elena said...

Loving all this great artwork but Mr. Bandetto, holy cow is he great. That little paw and that little face.....awww! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Chris said...

I absolutely LOVE that flower! Congrats on your Etsy!!

Oreo Bandetto? SO handsome! They always know the best places to sleep, don't they...?