Thursday, January 7, 2010

There are so few things to worry about when wearing bibs

thought I would post some photos of me while the light was so wintry white...and then I thought I could also share some of the benefits to being a wearer of the Bibs : )

First off let me tell you a few things about the day...We woke to snow outside and today was a day that I would be driving my girl to school because of a late start.
I saw yesterdays bibs laying on the floor by my bathroom door and decided to grab a long sleeve shirt and some clean undies along with some high knee high socks to keep me warm today. I told myself it was ok to not shower, just go find a hat : ) and some boots.

I grabbed this mirror that Ive been trying to get Hannah to put in her room and decided to try using my camera with it.


I love this photo of my Tilly Mae (Matilda Rae) She is named after my father in law Ray ... She is the naughtiest animal we have ever owned...although when I think about it...all of us females in this house are kind of naughty in their own way!
Silly Silly

Back to the benefits : )

All hats look great with bibs even orange sweaters and mint green boots work

No bra required : )

Thought I could even show you my Calvins : )

Have a great day : )
Lisa D.
P.S. when I stepped back and re looked at the first photo...all the colors I'm wearing are in that painting behind me. Gosh thats kinda funny


Elena said...

I was just thinking how cool it is that your colors matched your paintings. As vibrant as the artist. Cool & fun photos. Love it! And oh man your Tilly looks like my Jazz. I'll be posting a photo of her later this pm.

lee said...

Wow, I wish I could throw on that look and look as great as you do. Loving the hat, my daughter says hats are not my thing.....

Diane said...

Lisa--I'm smiling--I love it!! And speaking of dogs, did you see my post on Bob (my daughter's dog) He's a French Bulldog, and I think he could give Tilly Mae a run for her money--but we love him!

Mary said...

you look so fantastic!!! And hats look good on you - I look terrible in hats, like my head is squished down!! I need to find myself some bibs!! love the painting behind you too!!

Pat Dalke said...

I LOVE YOUR always stand out (in a good and very interesting way). You truly make all the designer clothing and accessories look superficial.

I LOVE YOUR NEWEST JOURNAL week when Dan is home from the hospital I hope to have a chance to go to the play room and "art".

Yes, that truly is a wonderful photo of Hannah and John they look like soulmates. Can I have a copy of it?

Your box arrived today and I am dying to open it...but per instructions I will wait until the kids are here, I think on Saturday.

Miss you all so very much!!!

Chris said...

This is fun. Great pictures of you!

(i should always wear a bib!)

Dawn @ alteredartists said...

I think I need a pair of bibs to wear and think of you when I wear them. Actually being from near Oshkosh gives me some incentive. It is "bib town" after all.

Hmmm will start looking...

I got some fun mail from you today. Thank you!

Miss you more than you know too!

Dawn @ alteredartists said...

...and I thought to myself that you matched the background before I read it in the post.

You are so clever!

Niels said...

Hi lisa, its just so beautiful, that I'm crying of joy, have no more words for that :)))

david said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

Love those bibs! Do they come in Extra Wide?

Alberta said...

The perfect ensemble, if you ask me. And you were it well! So glad to have discovered your blog. I love your journal pages.

Hugs from,
A Kindred Overalls Fan

2DogStudio said...

Hi Lisa!
Agreed :) my favorite photo too. I am really enjoying your blog.Thanks for stopping by 2DogStudio and for your well wishes! Wendy