Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My workspace and a little emotion

Sometime in the beginning of January I signed up for two on line art journal classes
and have been art journaling it up! : )
It is kinda funny ... I'm finding that they are blending into one My workspace is crazy right now...although if you asked anyone that lives here with me if it looks crazy or normal...they'd say normal : )
I felt the need to document this.
Right around the holidays Hannah had asked me if there might be a doctor out there who could help her with her legs with her walking and running and the muscle cramps she often experiences. We investigated and found a bone surgeon who could answer Hannah questions. This past Monday we met with a wonderful doctor who said to Hannah...ABSOLUTELY we can help you! I had been preparing Hannah to hear no that this is just who you are and how your body works.
Almost fifteen years ago when Hannah was born one of her diagnosis's was cerebral palsy and we were told she would be wheel chair bound. After crying it out for a bit I decided Hannah & I were going to do our best to beat this cp! and here we are almost fifteen years later. I feel proud of myself for helping Hannah develop as well as she has so far and that I've also raised her to know she can speak up and ask for what she wants and needs.
Hope the sun is shinning in your neighborhood today
Lisa D.


Mary said...

Good for Hannah for speaking up!!
Good for you Lisa for showing her it is good to ask for what we desire. I am glad you were able to find someone who can help. May God give him wisdom to know exactly what it is.

I just cleaned my studio Monday, it's already getting messy!!!! Oh well, whats one to do???? :)

Anke Martin said...

Oh this is awesome news! Fingers are crossed for your daughter! I wish you all the best!
Concerning your worktable, lol,that's how it looks here too, when I'm creative!!!!! Enjoy your classes!
Smiles, Anke ;)

mystele said...

what a wonderful space! it makes me want to create! and, it is so cool that hannah went after answers for herself- go mom!!!

Diane said...

Hi Lisa!! I'm so glad you posted. And I agree with Mary--for giving Hannah the knowledge of speaking up when anything is wrong. BTW, I love your work space--now that's a real Studio!!

Dawn @ alteredartists said...

I have no idea what you mean about having a messy working art studio...wink wink! Glad to hear some great newsy stuff about our girl Hannah. You are a fabulous mother and don't you ever forget it!
Love ya :)

lee said...

wishing you and you daughter the best....I know good things will happen. I love looking at studio's and all the stuff they have. Yours is great

priti.lisa said...

Hi Lisa, I am behind in my blog reading...I can't seem to get all I want to do done.
Hannah got herself the perfect Mama, postitivity makes anything possible!
Your art desk > normal? Looks organized compared to my whole room.
I loved your pictures of you in your bibs. They are works of art in themselves. I thought you purposefully matched the background painting!
Love to you, Lisa D

Anonymous said...
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Auguzt said...

Am lovin' the blog still. I just started on my third blog again, but I have to say, this small cache of scraps is like a scale version of my bedroom. LOL

P.S. I am going to create some sort of art every single day of summer before August when I start school again and blog about it. Just like Julie and Julia!!!

Elena said...

That's awesome news about your Hannah-power of persistence. And your workspace looks great..and FUN

Mary said...

Thanks Lisa, I am thinking about setting up an etsy site. :)

art by naomi said...

Your Hannah is so blessed to have you advocate for her.
Your studio looks well used/loved.