Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 4 celebrating overalls

Wednesdays overalls. The weather today was cold and raining, no sun in sight.
I spent the day working on a little journal I started the other day.
and the phone only rang once : )

I'll try to stop hogging the blog with photos of me and post some art : )

Take care
I think I need to tell my hair lady she cut my stuff too short this time
Seeing so much of me this week, maybe is throwing me off.
: )


Niels said...

Hi Lisa, I certainly hope to see a photo of you on Friday ! :) for this week it must be ok to show yourself, then you can show your beautiful art all the other weeks ! forgive me for telling you what to do ! and regarding the hair cut, on Friday you will see my wife also with short hair like you and she actually cut it herself as she also cuts my hair (I have not much anymore !:)

Mary said...

I love your overalls. I have not worn them in years - actually they seem perfect for painting, the bib helps keep your T-shirt clean too.
Think I will look for a pair!!

And your hair looks great! It will just last a little longer. I love short hair, but hate having to get it cut every three or four weeks!!!

Mary said...

Ha!! sassy bird daughter!! Yea, I have one of those too! Mine is 18 next week!!!!

Angela Recada said...

Love the hair, the bibs and the scarf! Oh, and the painting in the background!

Anke Martin said...

Hi Lisa, looking good!!!!!! Enjoy creating! Smiles, Anke ;)
PS: We had 2 days sun, after almost 3 weeks none...felt great!

lee said...

I love your looks great on you

Chris said...

So cute. I'm loving this overalls thread.