Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Overalls Day

Well here we are the day we've been building up to : )
Not sure why, but I decided today's bibs would go with no top...I think it has to do with the freedom Overalls give : )
After my photo I put this top on

I hope everyone enjoyed my overalls week
Was fun
Lisa D.


Anonymous said...

love the light and your t-shirt. Cool message and very important!

niels said...

thanks also to you Lisa, it has been so nice to share the overalls love and fun with you, hope we can keep the contact !

Lisa said...

Thanks Julie~Ann : ) Niels : ) What fun! Yes...we will stay in contact for sure!

priti.lisa said...

You look like a woman to be adored!
I love your message.
And I hope you will continue to post, your feelings and your art. I know it is hard,the last thing you wanna do, but, you give me hope.
Carry me, you Saint, you.
xox, Lisa D. 2

lee said...

love those overalls, you look good in them, also like the no top look...very now (lol) hope you wore them to dinner with Mike

Georgina said...

Love the overalls and message!

Suz said...

I found you through Elena's blog My Quest....I just want to tell you I love your artwork
but you are right
let go in words