Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I won I won!
Wow I'm so lucky
Thanks so much Jen


Altered Artists said...

Yippee for you! Looks like good stuff too. If you aren't sure what something is, I can most likely fill in the blanks :) I see some embossing powder coming your way tho!

Pat Dalke said...

Wow, more great stuff...lots more. You are so great to share all of your treasure with all that come to "art" with you.

Lisa said...

Its like a little treasure chest coming my way : )

priti.lisa said...

Nice to hear fom you Lisa D. I know you've traveled, but it sure will be nice to read your blog again and see some more of your Art.
Thanks again for keeping in touch,
you know how hard it is to find another Lisa, LOL
You're special sister-friend!
xox, Lisa D. (the D stands for ditto)