Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another blog award!

WoW another one : ) I feel so lucky
Thank you Dawn
I have to list 7 things I love
1. Of course I love my husband...the one who makes it possible for me to spend my hours creating art and always encouraging me to press on.
2. I want to say I love creating art in any form...but its kind of a love hate relationship
3. I love that we have one child off at college
4. I love that we managed to raise 2 loving people who see others as equals
5. I love that people love to come to my home and treat it as their own
6. I love that I have managed to get others to see the artist in them
Gosh 7 is hard to come up with, without it sounding too cheesy
7. I love learning about how other artists lived, through movies and books
Now I will pass this to seven others
Ok I found 5 : )
Have a great weekend
I'll be back mid week next week after 3 long days at the hospital for the prolonged video EEG
I'll try and get a photo of my girl with all the thingies on her head : )
Take care


Chris said...

thanks, Lisa!

Hilary said...

Oh! Thank you so much Lisa!! I love your blog as well! Thanks for entering in my giveaway! :) I will post that award right away!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, thank you so much for this creative blog award, I loved seeing this logo (like a pretty picture to me) and now I can put this on my blog. Love the pattern and the pinks. Thank too for nominating me also, made my day!
I am a little sad for everyone that didn't get their name pulled out for the painting. I so wanted everyone to win.
Thank you so much for wanting to buy the aged angel painting also, I was doubled surprised today!
The link
Hope this helps?
Thank you from the bottom of heart!

suze said...

Thanks for your comment today on my blog. That's great advice.
xo suze