Sunday, January 25, 2009

Brain damage & seizures

Our stay at the hospital this past week was uneventful
Which is ok...the doctors recorded Hannah's brain waves while we stressed her out
We were able to sleep from
12~mid~night until 5am
by Wednesday we started to get crabby with one another, but reminded each other we were being video tapped.
After 3 days in one room with little sleep...was getting tough
Because of Hannah's birth issues, there are some things she really struggles with
Like change in routine and feeling rested enough to start back into the old routine
So come Thursday when I thought she was rested enough I sent her to school
by 11:30 am she was calling and needed to come home and when Friday showed up I decided to not push her and let her start with a fresh week.
While in the hospital I took a large Vogue with me from last spring and decided if I had the opportunity to do any type of mental art, I would tear apart this magazine.
So during our second watching of the Inauguration I went for the Vogue magazine.
Friday morning after calling school and canceling the bus I went into the art room to see if I could stir up something before the sun came up
I went for the pages I tore out a few nights before and started a page in my journal.
I think its interesting how I only used those pages from the Vogue and all that I chose said what I must have needed.
"Imagine erasing past damage to create a more even delicate transition"

my "Bride Tree" painting I did a few months back
I gave to my church to be hung on the Sanctuary wall opposite another large painting
I had felt the wall was off balance
Well I saw it hung yesterday and I have to say I was disappointed that it was actually smaller then the painting that hung on the opposite wall, so this week I will paint another and go switch them out : ) Hope my art supply store has a bigger canvas for me.
Hope you have a good week and I will keep you posted on the new tree
Lisa D.


Anonymous said...

Your daughter looks so happy, bless her little cotton socks! A saying my granddad use to say too me.

Cathy Mendola aka pinkbirdgirl said...

I'm glad the hospital stay was UNeventful. That's always good news.
Hope everything continues to go well.
I love your journal page. Great job!

Lisa said...

How cute Julie~Ann : ) Pinkbird girl : ) Thanks for your comment.
There was no school yesterday, so today will be my first day back to the art room.

Chris said...

thank you for the update on Hannah and for her photo. You guys really went through it, didn't you? You are awesome to keep some art practice at hand and in mind during such times. And I see by your most recent post that you are loving the curlicues, too!

I have been really busy lately and I currently have a cold, but I am glad to start catching up on your blog!

Jazze Junque Inc. said...

There's that Hannah~ Always a big smile on her face.