Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm usually in bed by now! Day 16

I started my day in the garden...this flower reminds me of my haircut 
My Hannah is doing a presentation on people with special needs at our church mid October
Today we had a meeting on how what why and where

These beautiful women are all part of helping Hannah make this happen!

After the almost 4 hour meeting...slurpees were needed
and its like 180 degrees here today!

Mr. Cooper showing us his regolness

I hope if your hot, you are able to find a cool spot
If you're feeling cold that you are able to find a warm spot

See you tomorrow with that days activities

Lisa D.

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Jaime Haney at www.jaimehaney.com said...

Oh yeah it's hot here. Trying to stay cool. Love looking at the pics. Slurpy's sound good today. What a great bunch of help she will have!