Saturday, June 22, 2013

A week after the show

The first day of the art fair we had rain 
 Second day was full of sunshine and lots of people!
 Not easy to fit 35 paintings into a 10x10 tent

 Our local news stopped in to take a few shots for the evening news!
 What my poor art table looks like before and after a show

 Ton Jones helping with Thank you notes
 Before I get back into the studio
the gardens needed tending to
 Mr. PeJoe 

Hope your summer has started of well for you

If you are on Facebook
Heres a link to my art page

Have a great day

Lisa D.


Ophelia said...

Your setup looks amazing, and your art looks so awesome. Its been a while since I visited, but I'm glad I did today. Your artwork always inspires me.

Lisa Dalke said...

Thank you Ophelia!

I love setting up my booth

Priti.Lisa said...

Your paintings look fabulous! I had a lot of fun looking at your pictures...have fun in your garden. ♥♥