Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Life around here

 I've been locked up in the art room since I got back from Palmyra!
It excites me in a funny way to think that I'm working everyday on my art
Like as in a job!
I've been given the opportunity to do four commissioned pieces!

 We have gotten just a bit of snow
I prefer the blizzard kind

Spending our Saturdays and some Sundays playing wheelchair basketball
 A small gift for my Father in law
Mr. Cooper keeping warm
Working on Scotts commissioned piece

Notes...sketching...and cool colors
A wedding gift commission 

Hope you're all keeping warm and feeling creative!

Lisa D.


Jenny said...

I love all these colors! And I love that sun room. Extreme jealousy over here.

Ophelia said...

Wow...I truly love this!! Thanks for sharing all of the pics. I get so inspired when I visit your blog!

Lisa Dalke said...

Thanks Jenny and Ophelia!

It is a great room! I feel very lucky to have it!

Glad to know I send out inspiration!