Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day one at house of freedom

 The kids arrived today! YaY! If I sit back and think about it...I think how lucky Cal & Char & Lisa & Mike & Zack & Hannah & PeJoe & Lady Cat & Mr. Cooper & Chunk and Little Coco Chanel West are! we all seem to fall right into place while together :  )  I've always loved these children right from the start, but now near a year since their Dads death, I know them being able to be with us as often as they are is a true gift. Even if they had just arrived 45 mins ago and Cal has already reached his curse word limit for the day!
The girls & I went to the Jewel and spent $180. on junk food! We came home to sit and chat play some online games figure out how we can all skyp together when they go back home. Cal went for a bike ride

 I joined him and we rode to our playground
 Then Hannah wanted to go for a ride too

 Hannah on the phone with Granny, who will be driving home from Atlanta early tomorrow morning
 and our much loved char char binx
 Cal waiting for smores to start
Custer Fair is the day after the kids leave
so now only small stuff can get produced
3 tamborines 
 A small 8X10
I'll do my best to keep a daily log of our events!

Thanks for always checking in!

Lisa D.


Anke Martin said...

Lisa, this sounds like lot's of fun! And a warm caring atmosphere! Enjoy the time together!!!! Freedom is always good!
Love your tambourins (did I write it right?, lol).

Lot's of smiles and 'freedom-adventure-vibes' your way!

Smiles, Anke :)

Lisa D. said...

: ) Thanks Anke

Yes you spelled it correctly : ) I don't think I did though.

Have a great weekend!

priti.lisa said...

What a treat to hear from you Lisa :)
Reminding me to stop by here and see all the vibrant love bouncing around.
Your paintings always make me feel happy...and your joy-full family is always fun to see. Good Luck at the street fair, you'll knock 'em breathless! Love to you♥♥♥

eydie said...


I seriously want one of those tambourines.
They are so beautiful.

Hopefully, I will get to one of your shows this summer.
I’ll be in touch soon so we can make plans to meet up soon.