Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm back with an update

Here it is in the sunlight 
the white petals still need color
the yellow background needs a tint of some sort
and the most important part being the center needs some sort of something
not sure yet & am hoping it will come after the petals and the background is done.
 Here it is in the shade
this painting is my tribute to the Custer Street Fair that I will be selling at June 16 & 17
These last 3 paintings are the ones I sent in to be accepted as a seller in the fair

I think they give a good idea of what my art is.
I hope to be 100% finished by Friday on my Custer painting
I'd say I'm about 60% through now
 Cya Friday


Diane said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!---love them!!

Lisa D. said...

Thanks Diane! I love my job

Elena said...

It's all so beautiful! And love all the color and happenings going on in your previous posts. AND I was just thinking that you said you're always in your studio by 8 and I thought oh cool that she treats her art like her job and then I see your comment here. How very cool is that. You honor your passion as your career.

Lisa D. said...

Thank you Elena. While being a stay at home mother, I found an artist inside me, never even knew it was there! I never really even think of it as a job, but my commitment to it, is like a job...lol...even a career?

Hope you are doing well, Elena
We should meet up again and explore another art museum.

Jenny said...

All are beautiful, but I sure love that first one with all the red on top. So interesting and makes me think of our connection with the earth.

Valerie Lorimer said...

Your work is beautiful, Lisa! It's fun to see how it haw changed.

Lisa D. said...

Thanks for stopping by Jenny, the top one is very earthy for sure! When people have seen it in person they usually say it makes them smile...lol

Val! You stranger you! Yes, 9 yrs later look at how much I've grown and changed : )