Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Art Retreat Weekend 2012

Cindy's art project for the weekend, was to build a birthday book for her sisters birthday
Once we arrived at the retreat center (my in laws lake house)
We built a fire in the wood burning stove and started open bags of art inspiration.
Got some chips and dip and started in on our art
The main table in the house was filled with papers paints color sprays
We decided to get a little air...hey I like building it did get a bit warm in the house
As you can see, the outdoors were just beautiful
Photo taken from the end of the dock

So many branches 
Remains of the Cattails 
Part of the most beautiful stream in the whole wide world.

There is always room for a sewing machine, even if you didn't bring any fabric.
Arting girls

One of my file cabinet cards
I just love the plate of paint, the bowls of orange chittos, my daily art journal, stamps and just so much!

A found photo of Mike & I about 15 years ago with Daisy Mae
Arting into the night
Even on the floor
A bit of Cindy's book
A good time was had by all
The next retreat will be a four day instead of a two day.


paula said...

wow that looks busy! glad you had a good time

Lisa D. said...

Thanks Paula, a good time was definitely had : )

Anke Martin said...

AHHHHH that looks like sooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!! Scream......too bad I live so far away!!!!!! I was having a thing like that in my mind before but my friends are all so busy with their life right now that I think I have to postphone that till all our kids are older, glad to read and see you had such a great time!!!! Smiles, Anke :)

Art by Wiley said...

This looks like an amazing weekend. I can definitely see why you would want to extend it next time!

Lisa D. said...

Anke, 3 of the 4 of us are mothers! What it took was planning months in advance, so to make sure we had Dads and such to keep the kids.
Wiley, Was so nice even when we weren't creating art, we were still creating in our conversations and such.

Thanks Ladies for checking in on my weekend.

Have a great day!