Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More bathroom art

 I decided to show some of my other art work from the powder room
 The green framed piece is one of the other Lisa D.'s The two smaller ones with the purplish background is from my collection of Melo Earth. The winged lady and small lady with a towel is from my dear friend Sharon aka around my house know as the purple potato Lady.
 Naked truth, another one of Lisa D.'s 
Maybe tomorrow I'll photograph Mikes bathroom art.

Off to class now

Lisa D.


Jenny said...

These are so much fun. I want to make some nudies of my own. I love your new blog header pic. Looks so much like my table right now! I am jealous of all your light though!

Lisa D. said...

So much light! I bought this house because of the light in this room...little did I know I would become an artist and take it over as my studio...dead center in the house. I have 2 tables and they are both always crowded with stuff and animals.

Thanks for your comment Jenny