Monday, January 9, 2012

Class starts today

 My class with Misty Mawn has started and I needed to find my charcoals and knew where they were hiding. Once I dug them out and opened my boxes I discovered so much color in them. 
My breathing changes when I see these rich

As I was piling up my baskets of paint, I decided I liked the way this little corner looks there with Mystels two paintings  :  )
 Little Ms. Ladycat looks like she is going to hatch some eggs.
Happy Day to you

Lisa D.


paula said...

love all your chalky colors...chalk is fun. congrats on the class! just checked her out, i see her etsy store is empty :(

Lisa D. said...

Thanks Paula!

Love all your metal!

Deborah Lynn said...

sticks of color
have the same effect on me!
what a treasure to re-find~

Lisa D. said...

Colors colors everywhere : )

Thanks Deborah