Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A few more art books

The first book is my magazine/catalog water color paper book 
The second book is what I call a tuck away/travel journal
The third book is more for someone who wants to add a lot of their own images 
The last book is a small Love book, made from left over water color paper. Big and puffy!



Anke Martin said...

OH Lisa, those are sooooo making me speechlesse...EYE CANDIES.....have to check your etsy store again.....keep creating those, they are just soooo wonderful to just look at them! Soul food!!!

Smiles, Anke :)

Lisa D. said...

Thanks Anke...soul food! love that

They are so nice to look at over and over, to add things to it, photos or notes and especially nice to hold and feel all the textures : )

cindy silver said...

Hi lisa. I Love Love Love your journals. The overall design is gorgeous and your execution is very skillful. Thank you for looking at my blog and for your comment.

Lisa D. said...

Thanks for stopping over to my blog Cindy : ) I appreciate your comments.

I also enjoyed visiting your blog.

Angela Recada said...

I love that you're making videos to show those beautiful art books you've been creating! Very nice!