Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays

I usually start ending my year in September/October, ending my year of creating/painting. So here I am at the end of the real worlds calendar and I'm itching to paint with a large brush with lots of colors on a huge canvas! I spent a lot of time this year making paper bag art, using it in ways that I never would have imagined and I love it! In some ways it has allowed me to step back and see my passion for color. But its very time consuming, almost as though I've painted the canvas twice.  I'm excited to see what comes out this year :  ) Mike says he is done with my trees and to some degree, I agree, yet I sell them all the time, the outside world is not ready for me to be done. We'll see what comes of that. I'm also feeling a bit tired of painting flowers, don't get me wrong...moving that paint all around in the shape of flower petals...mmm doesn't get and better then that for me.

Christmas feels different this year, my kids feel somewhat grown. I know Hannah still loves it and enjoys the festivities, Zack on the other hand probably wishes he could sleep through and wake to gifts at his bedroom door. Oh well      I have Mike and he always everyday makes me in some way, feel special, as I do him. Takes work keeping it good  :  )

24 Hours from now we will be waking to see what Santa left, have a beautiful breakfast prepared by my Mr. D.  along with the delicious dinner he will then spend the day preparing and I'm going to make a t~shirt scarf inspired by the Sew Wild book
Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas

 Summer fun

Lisa D.


Robin said...

Merry Christmas Lisa!! I look forward to seeing what beautiful art springs from you fingers in 2012!!

Lisa D. said...

Merry Christmas Robin...Can't wait to see what you make in the new year : )

Little Moon said...

Merry Christmas Lisa, Mike, Hannah and Zach! I had no idea since I've never posted before, but apparently, my nickname is "Little Moon." (I found out when I posted about Hillary's gorgeous "Starry Night" painting. Ha! May 2012 bring you joy and prosperity! Love, Cindy S.

Lisa D. said...

Awww... Thanks Cindy.

Happy Holidays to you

Little Moon : )

Parabolic Muse said...

Oh, come ON! these photos!

It's fine, and you can stop painting flowers and then go back and do the paper bag art (awesome) and the flowers again and anything else! what I love is that you do what you love!!

I hope your Christmas season has been amazingly lovely.