Friday, October 21, 2011

I needed an artist statement for The Glenwood Sunday Winter Market

Artist and Craft Statement for Lisa, written by Mike

My art is a reflection of who I am, at that very moment; what inexplicable force moves my hand in certain ways and which muse inspires me to create a piece of art from a vision or feeling I cannot let go. Always the rebel and never accepting the “norm”, I create what I feel with no mind towards what is acceptable in art or in life.
I proudly consider myself part of the “outsider” art movement; with no formal education, my perspective is unique in that arises from what I feel rather than what I have been taught. I take my inspiration from what moves me, not where I have been instructed to.
I enjoy working in different mediums; from acrylic paints to three-dimensional objects, from ink to cardboard, from glue to paper. I enjoy texture; I use recycled paper and material, help it evolve and become part of my art. I enjoy using reclaimed wood; it makes a wonderful canvas. Everything I see becomes a medium I must use.




Anke Martin said...

YES! Wonderful inspiring statement! I consider myself one of those 'outsider' artists as well! More funny anyway, haha! Smiles, Anke :)

priti.lisa said...

I feel like stealing this...I need to write one too and this is perfect for me too. But I'll write my own and use you for inspiration.