Thursday, July 7, 2011

I never knew being an aunt would mean so much to me

I love the way Hannah's hair is laying
I love Chars curls and unwashed hair (bathing at Aunt Lisa's is rarely mandatory).
I love that you can see my earrings that Char is wearing.
I love their BIG sunglasses
their pink and yellow shirts
 The leaning in is probably what I love best, I could never have asked for these two to care and enjoy each other so much.

Michael & I leave for a trip to Washington DC for a long weekend
Mike has an event that will keep him busy during the days of Sun, Mon, and Tuesday
I will spend my time exploring art museums!

A big thank you to everyone who has shared supportive words, sent lovely thoughtful cards
This has meant a lot to us while we mourn the loss of Dan
and learn to celebrate his life.

Lisa D.


Dawn @ alteredartists said...

My thoughts are still with you as well. I also love this pic of Char and Hannah. Enjoy your trip you deserve it. Kisses and Hugs to you!

Lisa D. said...

Thank you my dear friend, Dawn.

Anke Martin said...

Hi Lisa, hope your trip was fun and involved a lot of great art to look at!
I agree, the photo from you daughter and your niece is wonderful! A special moment, they always can remember looking at this photo!

Smiles, Anke ;)