Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sorry, I'm a day late

 While trying to put the studio back into some sort of order I came across a few items Mike brought me back from Hawaii. So funny...he knows me so well.
There once was a time I struggled with knowing whether I was an artist or a real I am one and now I'm finding that I struggle with a need to earn money. So, since I do best on a schedule of sorts I decided that Monday would be my day to clean and do my chores. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday I will go to work so that on Friday I can post items for sale. Sounds like a plan to me  :  )  We'll see
I'll keep you posted  

These two photos are of a tablet I used with Mike & the kids ... our chores for the day or what we needed to get from what store and what kid needed what, kind of tablet.   
 Well...we ran out of blank pages and I decided all those written on pages held the first layer of what was to come.

I'll post my other journal pages next time, I seem to be having trouble with this post and my photos.

Our basketball weekend was wonderful!
The Glenwood fundraiser was a ton fun :  )
Next up is the Heat It Up chili cook off
Mike will judge this time :  )

My Valentines was good :  )  I had lots of dark yummy chocolate

Lisa D.


Mary said...

Lisa that's a great way to use those chore pages. And I have been thinking about schedules too. I have several online classes that I seem to not get to, as well as doing more painting. I was thinking about blocking out time for these and being more intentional about my work.

Lisa D. said...

lol Mary, I agree on those chore pages : ) Schedules are not that bad really. That actualy can make life a bit easier.