Monday, February 28, 2011

Athletes and travel journals

Hannah was published in her high school newspaper, she was interviewed for an article on wheelchair basketball.  She was such the star :  )  Here she is in the car on our way out to dinner to celebrate her celebrity.
Last week I was contacted to do a few travel journals and a love book for a wedding gift!
This is one of the tables this morning.

Lucky Girl
Lisa D.


Mary said...

Congrats Hannah!
and lovely papers on your table, I want to see them when you finish them.

priti.lisa said...

YAY to the two shining stars...what a great way to strt the year :)
<3 xox

I love your art blocks........

Lisa D. said...

Thanks Mary & Lisa.

Have a great day!

Anke Martin said...

Hi Lisa ! Congratualions to Hannah!!!! That is awesome and exciting!
Have fun with the travel journals!!!

Smiles, Anke ;)

Theresa said...

Big Congrats to Hannah and happy creating with your outstanding collection of papers Lisa!

jan said...

Lisa D - I just read your comment on Bless Our Hearts about the overalls at the mamogram. What a great visual! I'm laughing like an idiot! Thanks - Jan Sawtelle

Ophelia said...

Wow!!! I am so totally inspired! I so wish that I could touch them!!!

Lisa D. said...

Anke & Theresa...Yes...Bravo to Hannah! The journals are coming along, I'm now working on the 3rd one. I am hoping to be able to record me turning the pages so you all can see them.

Jan : ) Welcome to my pretty ridiculous on my part!

Ophelia...I wish you could touch them. I love art that calls you to want to touch it!

Happy day to you all.

Janine said...

Oh I just love this blog!

Thank you for stopping by mine and leaving comment!

About FB, I do the same I visit but soon leave. I am getting good at not lingering there anymore. It does have it's good points!

Lisa said...

Lisa, thanks for stopping by my blog.
Good for your Hannah, everybody is a star..
I'm going to browse around for a bit, and thanks again,


Tammy Freiborg said...

How exciting! Congratulations, Hannah and Mom! What a lovely, thoughtful wedding gift! Love the papers and images!