Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

A small nest from a few yrs back

 I started this canvas a yr ago and kept adding through out the year in hopes to find what it was that was suppose to be painted on this huge 3 ft by 4 ft canvas.
 There were so many places on the canvas I just didn't want to cover up

 I have learned over the years that painting over paintings just means I'm adding another layer...and I love layers :  )
 Above I plopped down some heavy paste to give it a little more raised texture 
Then I dropped paint down onto the canvas
 and began to apply my newest layer
 So much of the original background is gone, yet if you get up close you can see so many of the past colors in little corners. I hope to paint some flowers on this tomorrow with a title.
  My latest Omo girl
 A photo I found behind the washer the other day
Two of my favorite guys
Mike and Dan
25 yrs ago?

Happy day to you

Lisa D.


Janet said...

I like all the layers you've added to your painting. I'm also painting over some older canvases that I have.

And your Omo girl is looking great.

Diane said...

Wow, that is a big canvas--it must be fun to just keep adding layers and letting it tell you what to do next even if it takes a year!!

Anke Martin said...

Hi Lisa! Yes layers are fun! And I'm sometimes amazed how many layers my collage gets before I have a 'done' feeling or that it doesn't need much layers to feel 'done'. A miracle!

Elena said...

Oh so cool to see this process. Great idea for those 'things' hiding in the corner of my studio that weren't successful pieces. And love the curious kitty eyes.

Lisa said...

You ladies make my day!

Martha Lever said...

Wow that is a big canvas and all the ayers will be great. That is a great picture you found!