Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting back into the studio

I was 16 almost 17 when I walked into the best church ever!
One of the many church members that approached me was a woman by the name of Judy. Judy always had something good to say to me, she always made me feel kind of special with out even knowing it I think.
Judy has been fighting a cancer for some time now and I'm not sure she has much time left with us.
I made this for her this weekend
There are many layers
paper napkins
pattern paper
I then went and painted a few flowers, added some butterflies and hand stitched the centers.

I will put this in the post tomorrow and hope that Judy finds a little comfort while holding this piece and feeling all the layers underneath.

 This is one of my 3 mannequins
I'm going to post this for sale in my Etsy store
 I have always been attracted to other artists art :  )  These are two of my paper dolls that I got over 4 years ago.
 The chubby girl pulling herself up from the scale to show a lighter weight so reminds me of myself right now.
 Here is a 30X30 canvas
 I think it still might need a bit more of some watered down white before I start adding the subject.
Happy New Year to you all

A week from today Michael will start his new journey with this new company.
Zackery will be back at school (departing today)
Hannah continues to have a good second year of high school.
I will be back in the studio full time
Life is never perfect
but we should find the good in each day.

Love and hugs to you all



Lille Diane said...

WOW, Lisa! I love your art especially the piece you made for Judy, the lady from church. I can only imagine what I'd feel if someone had made this for me and trust me, girlfriend, I'd probably cry! Happy tears. Happy New Year to you, too! Hugzzzzz

Lisa said...

Thanks Lille Diane. Hope your doing well.

Anke Martin said...

Good to see you are back creating! Looking forward to all the new inspiring artwork you will create!
And all the best wishes to your friend Judy. The art for her is so special and full of love!
And yes, you have to focus on those beautiful little details in a day if you want to enjoy life!
Smiles, Anke ;)

Diane said...

I'd say life is good for you right now--you are most definitely in the zone. Love your very special piece that you made for Judy!

Lisa said...

Thanks Anke & Diane : ) I hope for a good new year for us all! With lots of inspriration!

Ellen aka Ella said...

I love what you made Judy, the layers of life, like a quilt~ It is beautiful! Love all the color over here~ Funny, I was thinking the same that you ended this post on. We truly need to see the goodness in each day, try marches on and we never know~

Thanks for visiting me~