Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A few things I've been working on

While I painted the trees I listened to a lot of music, but I found in the last week of the painting I watched Amadeus over and over at least six times...while Mozart played in the background I felt this exhilaration while finishing the painting. Since the painting has left I've watched my Jackson Pollack movie twice...Beatrix Potter and now I'm on my third viewing this week of Fried Green Tomatoes :  )
 Since coming back into the studio with the trees not being in there, I've been making things for trades and for the bazaar at my church. My mind was on those trees for over a month!and now I feel like my brain is on full force at lighting speed.
                                                                  I love paper bag art!
Hannah and her friend Ann on Halloween
Great chili Hank!

Sunday Mike & I attended The Glenwood Market Fundraiser.
What fun we had...we really needed an evening out.
Thanks Sheree & Maria!

I hope Autumn is finding you all well.

Lisa D.


priti.lisa said...

Amadeus! I need to watch that again!
I love, love, love Modigliani...don't you? The art and the sadness and the music in the film...

Ms. Moon said...

God. I wish I had one visual art bone in my body. I do not. But I love what you do.

Parabolic Muse said...

oh, wow, I just started painting paper bags. LOVE those flowers!

Lisa said...

Oh priti~Lisa...lol...I too love Modigliani...Amadeus is about Mozart.
Ms. Moon : ) How grand to see you here. I never had an art bone in me either! Until that day my sweet little girl wanted a rainbow painted on her bedroom wall. Seven years later, I'm an artist. lOl at that!
Always good to see you Chris : ) Paper bag art is the best, my niece has even called it angry art because of how aggressive you can get with it.
Thank you ladies for sending kind words my way.

I had to put a stop to creating due to the overflow of STUFF on my table.

Movie of choice while picking up ... Pride & Prejudice

Angela Recada said...

I adore "Amadeus" too! Can't get enough of Mozart - ever. I haven't seen "Pollack" yet, though - it's one of those I've really wanted to see, but keep forgetting about.

LOVE your bag art!

Diane said...

I love all of this, and yes I would love to play with you!!

Lisa said...

Angela : ) I saw this movie yrs ago and found a vhs version at our 1/2 price book store! Its called Pollock with Ed Harris. I think it was the mozart that got me through the end of the painting : )

I just love those boxes! Creating with others is always so rewarding also : )

Jaquandor said...

Amadeus is an amazing film, just wonderful. And Pollock -- one of many films for which Ed Harris did NOT win an Oscar. Drives me crazy...he's one of my favorite actors, nominated all the time, NEVER wins....

Ophelia said...

Your work is so amazing.