Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is it the camera or the photographer?

 I can only think with one side of my brain at a time and for a period of time  now my brain has been consumed with the artist side (can never remember if that's my R or L side).

A few weeks ago I met this great couple who asked me to do a painting for them and here is the start of it and here is where my brain has been.
Unfortunately I'm working off of my standard style cell phone when I've photographed the painting so far.
down side~~~~>Since I'm on the art side of my brain so much I cant find time to fix the situation with my camera.  Upside~~~>I know the painting will be that much better for it.

After meeting Nathan and Maria
I came home and started sketching
The first 3 sketches were two trees coming together.
The next day I met Maria to purchase the two 36 X 36 canvases. Maria told me after looking at my blog she found that she liked my elephant tree painting...two trees coming together.
I was pleased and decided that was what I was suppose to be painting for this lovely couple.
The bottom looks so muddy on this photo
I hope to have some better photos soon
Hope you are having a good week and I'll try to post more picks soon.

Lisa D.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Lisa! This looks wonderful. :)


Angela Recada said...

No matter which side of your brain you're using, your art is always fabulous! Even in these photos (which aren't that bad, really), the colors look great. LOVE those trees!

Mary said...

I love this Lisa. And to me in the sketch the tree on the left looks more female shaped and the tree on the right more male. :)

Lisa said...

Thanks for the good words Ladies : ) I am really enjoying myself.

LoL Angela!

Yes Mary, you got it right : )

priti.lisa said...

I love that they are a female and a male tree...
How poetic, and creative.

Ps: It's definatly the camera. Not a damn thing wrong with you :)

lee said...

not muddy, beautiful is the word

Diane said...


Elena said...

Lisa they are amazing pieces...can't wait to see your progress!

EVA said...

Gorgeous paintings so far!!

I love the synchronicity of the how the idea came together! They will be so happy with the result!

Parabolic Muse said...

So Gorgeous!! Lisa, you're doing great work. I love how the panels look together AND alone. Rock on.