Friday, February 19, 2010

A few flowers for Ebay

Here are a few things I listed on Ebay this morning.
I also listed a mask that's pretty cool.
I've still been working on getting the art room just the way I want it. Last week I removed the dining room table and the 8 foot hutch and replaced it with a little love seat & shabby coffee table. I love the new feel and so do the animals...more room for them to lay in my way.
Have a good weekend
Lisa D.


Megan Hoover said...

these are beautiful!

Elena said...

I've missed coming to visit you here but I'm back to reading again. Whew. Anyway I love this photo but also your work. I like trying to see your studio in the background. Hope ebay is going well!

Diane said...

These are wonderful!!! I love the big red and blue flower--good luck on ebay!


great work !!!