Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flowers everywhere

Here is a peonies from one of the flower beds. This smells as good as it looks.
When I look at these purple flowers I can see why some of my flowers look the way that they do.

I had painted this on a much larger canvas a few months back, a friend came by the other day and asked about where it went : )
Well I painted over it. So I decided to make another and give it to her.

This canvas was first covered in paint using wax paper and then just letting my hand create what it wanted.
3ft X 4ft

Having children in my house throughout the day has definitely cut into my art time, but I am what I would call at art I know I'll get my fix...even if its at 3 am


Pat Dalke said...

WOW, you are in the zone...the creative energy is flowing...I've seen the second canvas and I love it! I saw it when you had laid on the background and when I returned you completely SURPRISED me with your vision!

Chris said...

I know! When schedules change and you don't have as much time, that's really when you evalutate how to fit in the art... That's when you know how important it is!

These are great photos. You are doing good work.

Anke said...

Hi Lisa, I can imagine the daily routine is different now with summer vacation..but I'm sure you find your art time. Enjoyed all the photos and the new paintings you did. Thanks also for the good luck wishes....let's see how this time birth is going to, let you know after I guess. So enjoy your summer time, wonderful flowers and garden, smiles, Anke;)