Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A mother of a special needs child

Yesterday morning Hannah had trouble swallowing her pills. When she called me from school at 11.30 I wasn't surprised, she had been having gag issues the rest of the day. Uncommon is for her to be having issues swallowing pills~Common is for 1 small thing to throw her off for the entire day. So I left for school to get my girl and she spent the afternoon sleeping and seemed to be doing ok by evening.

This morning Hannah woke easily but moved slow, after her half bagel & cream cheese she told me she was too sick to go to school, I told her I thought she was fine enough to go to school, that this is her job and sometimes you have to go to work even if you don't feel 100% She then had this terrible temper tantrum saying mean hurtful things, throwing things around as well as her own body, but I knew I had to stay strong and make sure she got to school, we had 10 minutes at this point before the bus would arrive.

I also dropped my husband off to a work thing

Now I'm back home and find myself walking around the house, which is empty and quiet. My artroom is a lovely mess with all of yesterdays art started and because of my upsetting start to my day, I'm thrown off and have zero desire to create. When I stand at the entrance the artroom, I feel this gush of emotion and don't know where to go with it I suppose.

So for the first time I'm letting you see how my days are sometimes I guess.

I do have a great life...Mike is great! I love him like the smell of fresh wet raspberry's. Yummmm

This episode today is common around here with Hannah, some days just get to me more maybe.

My Zackery John is doing well in school...we are very happy that he seems to be so happy there : )

So now that I've just birthed all this to you I will attempt to go back in the artroom and see what comes of it. Have a good day and thanks so much for whatever it is bloggers do for one another : ) You are appreciated
P.S. I want to thank Lee for the comment she left me on my last post...Made me feel good...Thank you Lee


Chris said...

It's an honor to hear about your challenges and your loves. And your messy art space!

Cathy Mendola aka pinkbirdgirl said...
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Cathy Mendola aka pinkbirdgirl said...

just posted a very lengthy comment about blogs being the perfect medium for venting and we're here to listen.
Then after I posted it I saw so many typos that I went back and thought I could edit. Wrong. Why doesn't it have an edit feature for those that leave comments? Anyway, my heart goes out to you, cheer up. Tomorrow
will be better.
By the way, I love the painting for the church--magnificent.

lee said...

just think tommorw is another day, and the sun will come out tommorrow. I always think that when I am having a crap day...and when you have that kind of day who wants to create.....keep your chin up...and keep creating your beautiful art.

Anke said...

I hope you could build down your emotions somehow in your Studio. I know how kids can challenge your nerves, it's tough on every mom, I just had one of those days too on tuesday, so when my husband came home I took some 'timeout' in my Studio and just created. I know this starting and see what's coming is not easy but maybe you can give it a try and you will feel better after. That's what you do in Expressive Painting, just start, put all your emotions in the painting and all it matters is that you feel good/ok with the outcome after, if it looks pretty or not pretty at all. A great way to build down big emotions and so relaxing. So long talk short message, I can feel with you and send you some virtual bright happy flowers, smiles, Anke ;)