Sunday, December 28, 2008

I hope your holidays have been good.
We have had my sister in from Texas, which is always fun for us : )
This painting is done on a small block of wood,
maybe 3X3
It's that Mother wanting to protect her daughter in me
The painting below I started last night
3ft x 2ft
At this point I'm trying to decided what to put in the center of these flowers and if I want a branch up in the top right hand corner...hmmmm

Have a great weekend



Chris said...

there you are!

I love these. I love browns and blues together. I can't advise on the centers, but you know that. It comes from within!

Happy 2009, a year of changes!

Anonymous said...


The Mother/Daughter image is so says it all.

What a wonderful way to return to flowers, these canvases are full of life and color.

Granny Pat

Rena said...

Very pretty artork! :)