Saturday, July 26, 2008

After 4 or 5 canvases I finally decided to go with what I was feeling and as always it was the right thing to do. My brother in law Dan is fighting an ugly fight with a disease called Multiple Myeloma. He is now starting his second bought with a stem cell trans plant, the first one he had was in 2006, and that's the flower on the left side of the one I just did...some how the circles represent the stem cells & blood cells. With his first time around with this I did a set of 3 paintings and they all had this flower look to them as well as appear to be under water(Dan has always loved diving). During his time with this cancer my Mother in law AKA Granny has been down in Atlanta helping him as any good mother would...and I miss her dearly.
Mike & I leave Friday morning for a long weekend with Dan and my in laws and of course my little artist niece & nephew...who has titled my house...The house of freedom...what a gift they are to us all.
Have a great weekend

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