Monday, May 5, 2008

Hello everyone : ) WoW what a nice weekend we had here. Mike & I worked in one of our flower beds...Darn weeds! Anyone know how to get rid of them besides just pulling them out ???

I wasn't able to art too much this past week...seems as though each day last week had its own agenda and didn't notify me until that day! Although I realized...I'm just a bear if I cant get my emotions out in some creative form...Mike agrees : )

Here are a few is about a girl I met in California...the other I think may be Hannah...not sure yet. I'm also trying to get a video made for you all to see me at work...we'll see if my computer wants to cooperate today.


Anonymous said...

Wow how beautiful

<3 aa

Lisa said...

Awww...Thanks AA You seem to be my number one fan : ) Hope youre having a good week.

Altered Artists said...

Oh My gooshness, do you have any idea how much I love swirly gnarly trees. Your work is awesome.