Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah

A little look at whats on the table
When I started these circle flowers I wanted to decorate the centers with lil circles...but I feel pretty good about the way it looks as is...wish I had a better pic for you.
Here is a painting I found at a rummage sale the other day...something just called out to me to buy it...maybe it was because it was only fifty cents and some how that just didn't seem right to now it has a loving home just as the artist probably intended for it.
I got this book the other day and have had so much fun cutting canvas boards into houses
Cant wait to see what I end up with.

Here is a photo of me with my now 13 year old

Happy birthday Nan


emit said...

as always your paintings show your love of lifethrough the colors used

Danita said...

Hi Lisa! I love what you're doing with the houses... I had that book and had to sell it (snif snif)...
Can't wait to see the results!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa, thanks for sending me your blog, I've missed you. And I'm sorry I missed Hannah's birthday, please tell her the "purplepotatoes lady" sends belated good wishes and hugs and kisses.
Jumpin's she's grown so, and is looking so much like her beautiful Mom!
Now I'm off to read the rest of your blog, this is soooo great!

barbara said...

Of course I think your blog is great. I love your art and journaling. I enjoy arting and journaling with you. I could be accused of bias because of our family relationship, but I would defend your work to anyone.
Peace and Love,

hillz said...

I love the story of your rummage sale painting!!!! Lookin good sista

Anonymous said...

hi! Me again i am posting these everywhere.

Lisa said...

My gosh this blog thing is a lot of work...I don't know how these other artists keep up with it : ) I do have to say tho...all your comments keep me coming back : )

Emit J : ) What a lovely thing to say (making me blush)

Danita...I am so enjoying this book : ) You were the one who inspired me to do some of my house paintings : ) so its funny I got this book from you.

PURPLEPOTATOE Lady : ) Good to see you...thanks for the great email...I will get back to you...promise : )

Barbara Jean : ) Hope those hands are feeling the way...I hope you never have to defend my art : )

LiL Miss Anonymous...I have to say you had me thinking it was Debbie LeeLee and now Im thinking it may be my friend Allegra Ann : ) am I right ?
I would love to give you some art advice on your table issue...but its unclear to me what the problem is...Call or email me ... Im sure there is a solution out there and if we cant find one...we'll make one up ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks it iz me AA. I definetly will call u. in fact I'll call now at 3:29. Tanx!